This article is an attempt to try to understand a favorite topic that as of late, earned a lot of attention from the media, about whether the outsourcing advantages outweigh the disadvantages and vice-versa. The truth is, in everything there are always both the ugly side and the upside of it. Something that is inevitable in every business attempt or even in every aspect of life. Come on, as if we did not know that! But what the heck, the topic seems interesting enough to explore and be part of an almost concerning yet entertaining subject. So let’s talk about it.

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In this day and age, money-profit-revenue-savings, though they mean almost one thing, has been the driving force and the barometer of success in the business world. The more savings, the more revenues, the better. That is why, entrepreneurs find effective ways to head in this direction. This is where “outsourcing” comes in.

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So they say: “The only constant thing in this world is change.” The concept of Offshore Outsourcing started in the 1990s when different IT companies came up with the idea that costs are reduced by employing people outside their mother country through a virtual or online setting to do certain tasks for them. Although at first, the term brought frown to many unsatisfied customers. But over the years or say, as we speak, Offshore Outsourcing has gained a welcome and wide acceptance to people especially those in the online business sector…a whole new system, made possible through the exist of a certain technology that remarkably changed the everyday people’s way of life, the Internet. Thus, we could say this is the new way of conducting business in modern-day society.

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